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       Sunday, April 19, 2009

    I have really become an Uverworld fan hahahas..
    I have a near full collection of their discograhpy in my laptop
    and I've even placed a stamp of them on my blog :P love love!
    I rarely have fangirlisms and i think i have a few hahahas..
    like on the manga ヂ.グレマン,D.Gray Man (like Allen Walker and Lavi :P)
    Like ぬらりんひょん の 孫,Nurarihyon no mago (like Nura Rikuo in his youkai form :P)

    i like Uverworld because their music is awesome, even though i don't really know what their lyrics are about but someday i will definiately know when my Japanese becomes fluent heh heh..

    12:24 AM

       Monday, March 30, 2009

    When someone's says a bad thing about something.
    Something that's precious to you.
    Would you defend it? No matter the blasphemy?

    i did not had that group treasured and spoke rubbish and nonsense that caused a great bruise in life at M. secondary school and soured a relationship with a group f people, which thay had already disliked me in the first place.

    I did not had anything i wanted to protect then, except perhaps myself.
    Now, its is a whole different story.
    I want to protect the relationship that i have with my God. (:

    - just had a negative memory flash..

    11:48 PM

       Monday, March 23, 2009

    Just a thought to share.

    Sometimes, when all seems blissful, you get this pang of invisibility.
    Will that make you think that you are not of value, not mattering to anyone?

    It ain't about you mattering to another person but mattering to the greatest person who redeemed you from the things that was done that was not intended in the first place.

    People can say you are useless but you are of value to God.
    Even if you ain't a Jesus Freak. (:

    - Pastor Sy Rogers weekend was a awesome blast and indeed opened up to a great awesome perspectives.

    I am GLAD Jesus found me (:

    2:38 AM

       Saturday, March 21, 2009

    I have managed to change my Blog's skin.
    Its kind of based on my Twitter color scheme hahas..

    I also added twitter on side too ;) - so that you can follow what i am doing hahas
    i also updated my stamps - basically are things and fictional people that i really like..

    Its so exciting! Later that will be a zone meeting with Pastor and also Sy Rogers is going to share during service! Its power-packed man! One Problem though, i am not well ): - poo!!

    3:04 AM

       Thursday, March 19, 2009

    Been away and busy with school and now its over its good.(not that anyone miss me now right? *thinking about that inactive chatboard at the side..)

    Like the feeling of after being under water for a long time and now breathing is possible hahas..

    Strange enough, during that period no sicky cloud came to get me sick till now.. poo!
    But i am very excited now as i get to do more in my creative ministries more than ever now!! -woot! hahas

    blogskin to be updated soon - couldn't find the theme that was being worked on D: and worse yet forgot the skin name.. ):

    10:28 AM

       Monday, December 29, 2008

    New year's coming! Bye 2008 it was fun and everything passed by very quickly.

    Having that "here we go again" feeling.. hahas..
    but the coming year will be different! here's why:

    + turning 21(oh no! i am getting old! *ponders*)
    + Graduating from NYP! <- its definitely going to happen and i am going to do well!
    + Getting on into University life! (i will get there de! 4D4D4D - 4th dimension)
    + Getting a macbook/macbook pro for 21st birthday (its 10x cheaper than a car! :P)
    + growing to more levels in the spirit and character! (Faith to faith! Glory to glory!)
    + many more to which i do not know but God does hahas!

    This coming year i want to be more faithful and accountable! AMEN!
    Mac-chan! Here i come!


    Laptop's harddisk might crash at anytime..
    pity.. all the trouble began when i started 4D-ing for a macbook pro
    hahas but i think i might get it sooner :D


    but not at the expense of my projects that is..

    1:44 AM

       Thursday, December 18, 2008

    My Computer kaputed TWICE this week... haiz..
    a very wrong time to die again.

    i want my MAC now!!! >_<

    4:55 PM

       Friday, December 05, 2008

    WOoHoO!!! Computer's ALIVE!!!

    Thanks to Munir's Laptop recovery CDs!!
    Back to my awesome work that i have been doing and Projects!!

    "friend, you deserve something nice from me mans!"

    yea i think the things on top says it all..

    Its December now..
    2009's almost at my doorstep. hahahas..
    I want to start off the next year with a positive and growing attitude.
    Graduation's almost on hand.. University awaits but there's papers to fill and send hahas..
    Tightening things in my life - busy busy busy!!

    Things are like that when you are working your way to your vision.

    "to be a Grower!" onwards -ho!

    1:27 AM

       Monday, December 01, 2008

    make fellowship!
    Genuinely Care!
    see the visions in them~!

    I want to grow to help others grow in the ministries!

    1:59 AM

       Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    Thought about you guys again, that was when i saw both of them at Cheers. 

    Felt that i have drifted from you guys to my main purpose now.. thought about my relationships with you all. Will i forget you? will you forget me? will the evidence that we knew be gone? 


    Uncertainty just looms over these possibility. 
    But now is not the time for me to think about it. 
    I pray i never will, i got things i need to grow up to. 

    University here i come! 

    9:44 PM